Are you interested in hosting a game night? Fantastic!

Here’s some guidelines to help get you started. 


Please DO take a group picture of your game and post it the Fort Worth Game Night Facebook group. This is strongly encouraged for hosting with our group. It will help you remember who you had a great time with and it will also help others see what’s going on in the group. This helps promote your event the next time you host as well.


Please DO NOT cancel a game event once you schedule the game event unless of course there’s an emergency. Consider this before you schedule an event.


Please DO NOT select games you don’t know how to play and/or are still new in shrink to teach your guests unless you’ve asked all parties involved if they are okay with that. Please read the rules beforehand, watch a YouTube video, and/or play test the game on your own beforehand.


Please ensure your home is clean and presentable. Please welcome guests and participants. Please have basic food, drinks, and snacks available. If you want participants to bring food or drinks let them know ahead of time. If you need additional chairs or tables let an Admin know as we may try to assist you if possible. If we hear of complaints or don’t feel your home is a good fit with FWGN we may at our discretion no longer allow you to host with our group.


If hosting in a public location please get there early  say 10-15 minutes prior to the other participant’s arrival. Please call ahead to ensure there is plenty of room for participants and there are no other conflicting events going on.