Welcome to your new board game tribe!

Here’s some guidelines to help get you started. 


The goal of getting together is to have fun and socialize while playing games. The host(s) will have final say over COVID, food, scheduling, etc. related directions. Participate at your own risk. All of our events are come and go. Please do not make fun or be rude to anyone who may need to leave early.


If you start a game please plan on finishing it. If you can’t finish a game simply feel free to bow out before the game starts. No hard feelings.


Please keep phone calls and texting to a minimum. Taking pictures of games or logging scores if you’d like is generally encouraged.


When playing games please do not say “I hate this game” or “I don’t like this game”. Just give the games a chance and see it through to the end. Feel free to discuss what you like and don’t like at the end of the game.


Please do not accuse people of cheating. Seeking clarification for moves or rules is okay. When teaching/learning games mistakes can and will happen. It’s all a part of the natural gaming process.


Please be a good sport whether you win or lose. Please do not clear up the game board, your player board, or game pieces prior to counting scores.


If your game isn’t chosen to be played or you’re late please feel free to “pivot” (be flexible) by playing another game.


Having your picture taken is highly encouraged to help us promote events. That said, if you don’t want to be in pictures feel free to say so and step out when people take pictures. Please no crude, vulgar, etc. signs in pictures. Feel free to decline any event you can’t make or untag yourself from posts you’re not interested in.