March 1st, 2023
Greetings Fort Worth Game Night Community! 
2023 has gotten off to a great start! We are elated about the growth taking place with FWGN. Our FWGN Community group has grown to 1300+ people! Our Virtual Flea Market for Dallas-Fort Worth has also grown to 750+ people. 

The FWGN LLC was officially created in November 2022. This will allow us to do larger board game related events in 2023 and beyond. 

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, we want to say how lucky we are to be a part of this great community of people. We truly appreciate each one of you. 
Here are some group highlights and updates we want to share with you all. 
FWGN Weekly Community Updates: 

– The Champlins are hosting every Friday in March in North Fort Worth. Come join March Madness! 🙂
– There’s a New Game Day starting 1st Saturday each month from 10am to 6pm in South Fort Worth at Michele Holmes’s place.
– There’s also a New Game Night 2nd Thursdays at KB Riblen’s place in South Fort Worth. 

FWGN General Update: 

– We hosted our 7th Geek Game Day Event back in August 2022, our largest event to date! 
(Thanks to all the amazing volunteers who helped make this day a success)
– We gave away 100+ games, had a virtual flea market, and played tons of fun games.
-We are excitedly planning the 8th Geek Game Days event for 2023 which will be a TWO DAY event!




FWGN Vision Casting Weekend:

We had 28 participants at our Vision Casting Weekend in January 2023. Thanks to Michelle for opening up your home and thanks to all who came! We had a great time playing games together and sharing the vision for FWGN LLC. Saturday morning we had a delicious brunch and Jonathan gave a Vision Casting presentation.

We discussed the difference between being a guest, consumer, and a contributor. We learned more about the opportunity to join and contribute to the inner circle of Meeples to help take FWGN to the next level. We had time to brainstorm together and received some great feedback about what members would like to see take place with FWGN in 2023. 

Update on Inner Circle Meeple Members

Currently, we have 4 diamond, 4 platinum, 9 gold, and 17 silver Meeples. Of those 34, 12 Meeples weren’t part of the original pledged meeples from December 2023. Feel free to learn more 


 and join the inner circle today!

For those that have pledged to join/contribute to the Inner Circle we are so thankful for you! Please note, a minimum contribution of $10 is due by March 31st, 2023 if you desire to join or remain a part of the Inner Circle. You can contribute 



Kids Game Day – Hulen Mall

Last Saturday, February 25th, 2023 we hosted a free come and go event for kids and families at 

Hulen Mall in Fort Worth

. There were 80 people who came and played games from 11am to nearly 6pm. One family traveled all the way from Mckinney to be there! At least half of the participants were introduced to new tabletop hobby games. It was a wonderful time playing games and connecting with a diverse group of people.

We also gave away the following games: 
– Catan
– Kingdomino
– Rise of Augustus
– Tiny Towns
– Trash Pandas
– Ticket to Ride: First Journey

What’s Coming Up?

Tournament – Heat: Pedal to the Metal:

When: Saturday – March 11, 20223
Time: 12pm to 6pm, followed by other games
Cost: $15 per participant. 
Where: Haslet (Address will be provided after registration) 
Note: We will have a demo of the game with rules review from 12pm to 12:45pm.
There are 24 spots and less than 6 spots left! 
Read more and register 


FWGN Event Teams:

We need Team leaders and support volunteers for future upcoming FWGN events.

If you have skills or interest in a particular area such us:
Decorations, Food planning/distribution, Set up, Marketing/Sales, Hosting, etc… Please let us know! We will begin putting together teams for specific needs. 

Geek Game Days is our biggest event this year and we will need all the help we can get to make this a success!

Geek Game Days

This all-day Saturday event will become a two day convention this year!
We will have a virtual flea market, bazaar, prizes, tournament, board games, rpg games, and more!
The dates will be Saturday August 19th and Sunday August 20th, 2023.
The cost will be $30 for the pre-sale and $35 for general admission. 
This event will be held at the Bob Duncan Center at 2800 S Center St, Arlington, TX 76014. 
We are pleased to announce that On Tap, Free Range Pumpkins, and Happy Tomato Salsa have agreed to sponsor our event. More potential sponsors are in the works!
Again, we are lucky to be a part of such a great group. We welcome your ideas, questions, and feedback. Our FWGN group is stronger together and each person brings a unique perspective and gift to the whole. We want to be a welcoming and inclusive community for all gamers. We look forward to welcoming many new faces into the hobby and strengthening friendships this year!

Have fun and Game on!

Jonathan and Erin Key