7 Wonders

How it works

It’s easy!  Just follow these three easy steps

1) Play It

Play the game of the month at your normal game night, FWGN game night or anywhere else you play a board game

2) Log It

After you play come back to this page to log it and let us know how it went!  You’ll need to know where you played, the players and their scores and how long the game lasted

Log your GOTM play

3) Celebrate It

At the end of the month check back here to see how your play stacked up with everyone else.  You might even win a snazzy digital badge!  We’ll let you know about

  • Shortest play
  • Longest play
  • Which play had the highest cumulative score
  • Which player had the highest score
  • Who played the most times
  • Where the game of the month was played the most
  • The shortest / longest play times