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It’s already April and that’s no joke! We had a great Kids Game Day at Hulen Mall on 3/16/2024. We are looking forward to our Azul tournament on 4/27/2024 in North Fort Worth. Geek Game Days is coming the first weekend in August from 8/2/2024 to 8/4/202 at Bob Duncan Center in Arlington. 

Azul Tournament

Who is excited for our first FWGN tournament of 2024? Come join the Azul Tournament on Saturday, April 27th, 2024 from 10am to 6pm in North Fort Worth at the Champlin’s home. The cost will be $20 per person and we can have up to 32 participants!

We will be playing all four of the major Azul games:

  • Azul (original)
  • Azul Stained Glass of Sintra
  • Azul Summer Pavilion
  • Azul Queen’s Garden

There will be prizes for the winners based on the number of participants and we’ll likely have a potato bar for lunch.

Note: There will be teachers there to help assist in learning the games. Once you have learned the concept of one Azul it’s easy to pick up the other games. See YouTube tutorial links in the comments.

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Kids Game Day at Hulen Mall Food Court
Saturday 3/16/2024

Kids Game Day was a blast! We had over 30 FWGN Staff and Volunteers show up to play games. With a bit of luck o’ the Irish we had over 130 participants which is nearly double the participation we had last year. We gave away over 50 games! Thanks to James Park and Alan Davidson for their generous donations of games. Also, thanks to James Park with Principal Financial for sponsoring the event through his company.

Games played included Monopoly, Clue, Monopoly Junior, Mouse Trap, Sorry, Trouble, Uno, Splendor, Sushi go, Mlem, Scout, Skull, Seven Wonders Architects, Clank, and tons more! 

Thanks to all who came out, volunteered, and participated. We taught and introduced games to a whole new generation of tabletop gamers! 

Geek Game Days 2024 Pre-Sale

Geek Game Days 2024, our board game convention, is coming up! Mark your calendars for August 2nd–4th, 2024 at Bob Duncan Center in Arlington, TX. 

Presale badges at just $40 are now available! We are also adding day passes for $20 this year!

Come play board games, buy/sell/trade games, check out some games from the game library, and have fun at Geek Game Days tabletop convention again this year!

We’ve extended our convention hours for 2024!

Get your GGD 2024 badges now click here:

GGD 2024 Hours

  • Fri, Aug 2 2024, 5:00pm – 11:30pm*
  • Sat, Aug 3 2024, 9:00am – 11:30pm*
  • Sun, Aug 4 2024, 9:00am* – 11:00pm*

* Extended hours this year. 

Interested in Sponsoring the Event?

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